Having pots is a good option to brighten the view of the home making it more pleasant, plus they are ideal for small houses or places where you can not maintain a large garden(10 Vertical Shelves for Pots That Add Beauty to Your Home).

No doubt the plants are beautiful and allow us to decorate the room, the kitchen or indoor. At the same time, its perfume is very good so that the house is more pleasant. However, these are not the only advantages that plants and flowers give us in our home.

The most important of these is that they generate oxygen and in turn absorb carbon dioxide, just like the trees in the street. The plants that are placed inside the rooms help to purify the air, as well as to absorb the polluting gases that come from the outside. In addition, plants are good at attenuating internal and external noise, retain dust and offer a sedative effect to those who live in the house, if they are green (at any intensity).

Another function of plants in general is that they raise humidity in the environment. They are excellent to cool in the summer, by evaporating water and heating in winter, since they emit heat for being a living being.

But, a big problem that we have when we have many pots is the lack of space to place them all, and we have given ourselves the task of looking for different options that save space and allow you to keep your pots in the best way.


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