Those who has yards they always think what to do with that little space in their yards? See Changing Little Waste Place to a Small Pool and make your decision.

There are many steps that you could have take and make such kind or better than this pool:

  1. Choose the area and measure
  2. Calculate the materials as per your own country rate
  3. Start digging the area (if you want sunken pools)
  4. Do rebar and pour concrete (stones or bricks works)/don’t forget the plumbing
  5. Pitching around pool walls
  6. some extra decorating works

I am sure you can do it even if you are not professional. Such works doesn’t need professionals. Remember for having net and better work result its better to give your work to a professional. Likewise you can hire a consultant.

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Studied B.Sc in the major of Transportation Engineering.

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