In the same way that you can make planters or a sandbox, build a basin to decorate your garden. You will see the process in How to Make a Pond with a Tire.


  • A large tractor tire
  • A hermetic tarpaulin
  • A shovel
  • Stones and rocks


1 – Dig a hole in the diameter and height of your tire into the ground where you want to place your pond.

2 – Place the tire at the bottom of the hole.

3 – Place the airtight cover on the inside of the tire and allow it to overlap on the sides.

4 – Fill the space between the hole and the tire with a bit of soil and pebbles.

5 – Fold over the tarpaulin over the ground and block it with soil, pebbles, and rock.

6 – All you have to do is decorate your pond with rocks and plants and fill it with water!


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