In the following you can learn How To Build A Potting Bench and gardening chores by building this tough, good-looking potting bench. This one is built from cedar to hold up to years of use outdoors. It looks so good that you might decide to use it as a serving station on your deck or patio, too. Materials Required: Materials Required: Wood Products:

(5) 2×4, 96″, Board

(2) 2×6, 96″, Board

(1) 1×10, 96″, Board

(5) 5/4 (1″ actual thickness), 96″, Decking


(75) 1 1/2″ coarse exterior-rated pocket hole screws

(45) 2 1/2″ coarse exterior-rated pocket hole screws

Tools Used:

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig Pocket-Hole

Jig Rigid Drill (cordless)

Hitachi Jigsaw

Rigid Miter Saw

Bosch Sander

Johnson Square

Stanley Tape Measure


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