How did you identify your home? I mean, how did you choose to number it? How did you put the number on the outside of the door or the facade to identify it by its address , if it did not come? (The Plate with The Door Number with Plants) Although today you can find nice plates for the house number or the door number, you can also go further and convert something with what we must have to tell when decorating the door or the front of the house, in a stylish element.

You know, because it is not the first time I pay attention to the blog number of the house, that for me to decorate a home means to do it from before entering it. The number of my door is a DIY cardboard and paper. I have also proposed to you to identify the house with the number made with mosaic or even placing its number in pots. The one of today is an interesting idea more so that the house number is besides functional, very decorative.


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