This construction article (Tips to Resolve Bending Moment and Shear Force) will introduce you with the most rapid and simple method to provide solution to the complex issues associated with bending moment and shear force by the use of online calculators. Take help from the illustration provided below and apply online bending moment calculator to find out the values of bending moment and shear force and then draw the diagrams.

Method – The following beam contains two load cases (i) point load and (ii) uniform load. Here, the principle of superposition is used to revolve the issue.

Open for Bending Moment and Shear Force Calculator and abide by the following steps.

Step 1 : Opt for the following online calculators and open in two dissimilar tabs of the browser.
a. Calculator for Point Load (case 1)
b. Calculator for uniform load (case 2)

Step 2 : Provide the necessary values of load and distances according to the assigned problem in the form for input values and compute the values of shear force and bending moment at C and D by putting x equivalent to 4 and 8 correspondingly and also on both the supports A (x=0) and B (x=10). In order to apply exact sign convention, please visit this page for guidance for calculator.

a. Point load of 10 kN functioning downward: Provide the values of beam span, load and the position of load following the diagram demonstrated and provide the position of section where it is required to compute the values of shear force and bending moment and then click “Calculate” to obtain the result together with support reactions, shear force (Fx) on both sides of the section (left and right) and bending moment Mx at the section as demonstrated in the figure specified below.

The calculator also provides the values of extreme bending moment and its location but for this problem, these values will not be applicable. Record the values of support reaction because of the load case of 10 kN. Also record the values of Fx and Mx for various points A, B, C and D just by modifying the values of x.


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