If you want to calculate reinforcement in construction project then you must pay your attention to these General Points for Calculations of Reinforcement.

1. For beam hook= (beam depth-both side covers)/2 for example if it is a 450mm depth beam then hook is (450-50)/2=200 where cover for beam is taken as 25 mm

2. For stirrups the hook=4d as per is codes but according to site conditions it is 50 mm per hook while doing bar bending schedule.

3. For slab the rod the crank length is l/5.

4. For beam the bottom extra is at l/6.

5. For slab the top extra extends till up to l/3.

6. For beam the top extra bar extends till l/3.

7. The column capitals extends till/4.

8. Where l is effective length of the beam. It is taken as center to center of the beam.

9. The crank length is 1.41d, where d is (depth of slab or beam- two side covers)


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