Dear readers today you will see Design of Stair Case with Central Stringer Beam, thats why the whole RCC stair design process.


• Reinforced concrete is perhaps the most suitable of all the said materials for the construction of stairs.

• The various advantages of reinforced concrete stairs are given below

– They have requisite fire resisting qualities to a great extent

– They are durable strong pleasing in appearance and can be They are durable, strong, pleasing in appearance and can be easily rendered non-slippery.

– They can be designed for greater widths, longer spans and any height height.

– They can be moulded in any desired form to suit the requirements of the architect. They can be easily cleaned.

– The cost of maintenance is almost nil.

– They can be pre-cast or cast-in-situ. y p

– To change their appearance, R.C.C. stairs can be covered/finished with thin slabs of stone, marble tiles or terrazzo


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