Designing more efficiently and with minimal material used has always been a constant within a good design(Practical Cantilever Stairs Construction Step by Step). The design of stairs is much more than a simple elevation and a plane within a project. As the architect Ezquerra said – “The stairs, the stairs, the stairs, lead emotionally to different states of the soul, places of magic and mystery. They are fun and escape, the great opportunity of architects and artists. The bottom and the top of life: the vertical solution. ”

Stairs have become a focal part of many projects, a sculpture within a large space, or hidden stairs that invite you to discover the space of the owners.


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Studied B.Sc in the major of Transportation Engineering.

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  1. Abhijit Rakshit

    Please send 1000 sft 2 storied building plan. I have 3 katha land


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