The construction of a masonry wall is made in three stages: marking, elevation and docking. Marking is the execution of the first row of masonry(The Stages of the Construction of the Masonry Wall). To do this, the following steps are recommended: checking the modulation, defining the joints and laying the first row. The second part of the construction, the elevation, begins with the corners, first executing the beginning and the end of some rows, (called “castle”). The rows of the castles will serve as the basis for the alignment of the rows of the wall in further building.

Anchoring is the connection between the top of the masonry wall and the reinforced concrete beam or slab occurs on the walls of fencing buildings of more than one deck that are made of reinforced concrete structures. The most common technique is the laying with common bricks, settling sloping and pressed between the last row and the upper beam or slab, as can be seen in the drawings. Precast concrete wedges may also be used, or mortar.


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