In homes with strip foundations without a basement, the most economical solution for installing floor on the first level of the home are on the ground floor (The Concrete Floor on the Ground as the Most Economical Solution). The floor on the ground is possible to be arranged after building a “box” under the roof, which makes it easier to finish the exterior construction work, very important in the construction. In vertical section the concrete floor on the ground upward has the following layers:
1. Cushion non heavy material (sand without coarse and clay particles, the upper part of the cushion of 5-10 cm usually consists of a fraction of gravel 5-20 mm)
2. Hydro and thermal insulation
3. Concrete floor
4. Finish

The level of the concrete cover should be put in view of future height of doorways. The level marking is performed around the perimeter of the floor intended device. For ease of reading markings you can pull the special cord. The technology of the concrete floor on the ground is not only economical, but also durable and strong.


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