Do you have some vintage tea cup in your home that you no longer use? If you do, then you better find where it is, because today you will find some inspiration of how to turn it into a garden. We have searched around the Web and have collected several cute tea cup gardens that you will love for sure. Today we have brought you Tea Cup Garden Ideas.

Making a garden into a tea cup is not at all difficult and you can do it no time. First, take the cup and drill a hole in the bottom. This is a must-have because it allows for water drainage. You can do this easily by placing a small scrap of wood under the teacup base and then start drilling with a tungsten-tipped drill. You may consider wearing safety googles to protect your eyes. When you have drilled the hole, fill the bottom of the teacup with small rocks. Then, place the plant and dirt into the cup. And of course, place the cup on the saucer to catch excess water. See now the bunch of tea cup garden ideas that we have chosen for you today and get inspired to make some too.

Tea cups can be also perfect planters for succulents. You can choose to plant a single succulent clipping if the cup is smaller, or maybe several of them if the cup is bigger. You can also add some pebbles or rocks and thus create a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Here are several ideas of succulents planted in tea cups.


diy tea cup ideas

Fairies and Succulents Teacup Garden

flower pot

flowers in tea cup


miniature garden in a teacup

Miniature Teacup Garden

succulents in tea cup

tea cup ideas

tea cup ideas

tea cup succulent

tea cup

tea cups

tim thumb

white tea cup

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