This Modern Two Storey Home is a small modern house intended for the plot with an entrance from the south. Variant “1A” is a functional layout identical to the version of “1”, but unlike the traditional has extended eaves roof. For better proportions home after extended eaves introduced a change in the angle of slope of 42 to 40 degrees. Although Simple 1A keeps on the facade modern finishing materials, a modification of the roof meant that the building has a more traditional look. Advantages of this Modern Two Storey Home:

• intended for shallow plot with an entrance from the south

• optimal usable with a comfortable program spaces

• modern open interior living area, kitchen with island

• terrace chief in the arcade, connected to the living room and kitchen

• additional terrace at the parents’ bedroom in the attic

• timeless form



living room

wall unit tv

kitchen design

stair design

home plan

home plan



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