Lovely Two Storey Home Design isĀ in the form of a one-story home. The living quarters arranged L-shaped and the large, two cars garage.This low, spreading building covers hip roof with a slight slope and advanced eaves. Appropriate handling of lump possible to create under the roof space, which constitute the transition zone between the interior and the garden. The dimensions of the object will provide the comfort of 4-5-year-person family, but also require a relatively large plot. The project involves input from the south, which may be a good option for people struggling with problematic arrangement of the plot in relation to the access road. Ejected in the street a day area includes a spacious living room with dining area and an open kitchen with an island. Large glass, especially window corner, provide good lighting and visually connect the interior with the garden. The room has a fireplace, which can supplement the basic method of heating. The opposite wall is slightly withdrawn, which ensures a certain independence of living and simultaneously a terrace covered extension of the dining room. The entrance to the building, located at the height of the kitchen leads to a large vestibule with space for closets and hangers. This connects to the garage directly to the living room;significant eject him from the face of the wall marks the border between the common and the private part of the house. In the center was located toilets and a small utility room where you can organize laundry. A small, shared Toilet, adjoins with a comfortable suite in the depth of the zone night. Three spacious bedrooms with windows to the property are located within the main body, and the smallest of them was in a slightly recessed part of the collapse. In the largest room separated comfortable compartment with space for cabinets and shelves. The smallest bedroom is adjacent accessible from the garage, a large boiler room. The project involves several alternative technology of the walls and roof, so that residents can choose the optimal solution for you. The roof can be covered with concrete tiles, ceramic or tin, and brick exterior walls can be made – depending on your preference – insulated with a layer of polystyrene hollow bricks, aerated concrete or silicates. The great advantage of home Indiana is unusual positioning of the entrance area. Very large garage is located next to the entrance leading to the arcade, which greatly simplifies the daily logistics. The partly covered terrace can be used as an extension of the dining room, and thanks to the numerous and large windows, both the living room and bedrooms are well lighted. Not without significance is the fact that users can choose from several available technologies to build. Simple, modern solid good fit in both an open landscape, as well as in urban housing.

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