As we know the main function of The Carport Design is as a car shelterBut it also can serve as a terrace page or may be just to add value to beautify the home displayCarport usually  is located at the outside in front of the House. Different again if it is inside the home, we usually call it the garage Due to its location over the carport directly dealing with the road and looks straight from the streets . Charming design and cozy make the carport can be involved as an element of beautification on the facade of the House.

To make the beautiful carport, we don’t have to choose design difficult model . Just simple enough, as long as it fits the look of the House.Simplify the design of the carport is not difficult, which is making it difficult enough in tune with the theme of the design of our homes.

We often see the expression in a residential area with a minimalist home design present some home made carport canopy with different design and themes with theme design home. As a result, the House became look uncomfortable , and not be the med facades and sometimes become unsightly.
To make matching carport design  with home design it need not to be expensive. Just stay to determine or find a best design that fits in with the design of your homes. If your house in minimalist design, you prefer choose a minimalist carport as well, by not using the motif or carving.
That is important as well, this should be a maximum of carport function. I share at the following design ideas for Patio and Carport that you can apply at home.

Floating Design with a Cantilever

Cantilever system makes the roof carport memorable drifts. The roof is only a buffer of four iron rods of steel. Each buffer stands tall and it could be as 1, 8 m or more. The roof is made from a steel frame. Use the pattern grid roof form, in the form of a woodenlattice. Later the wooden lattice plant vines will be filled with the kind of Mande villa plant . 

The Balcony and Sun Roof type

Construction of the cantilever is used. The main structure consists of about eight blocks of concrete . The length of each beam is about 3 m, and compiled a 35 cm. above therows of concrete beams, hardwood planks covering an area of 15.8 square meters. The top of the carport is located directly at the door of the children’s rooms. From there onthe roof of the carport is accessed as a balcony . So a side from beingcar, The terrace also serves as a balcony.
Simple Structure Attaches
In addition to the Exterior Design the carport is also serves as the entrance. A simple design look of the structure . The front buffer by two blocks of concrete. The backattached to the main building. As the roof, installed a wooden lattice horizontally. 
Simple Roof drawn wire
Its main buffer structure just a piece of iron square on the right side of the roof. As the amplifier used two steel wire installed doubled. The ends of the two wires are anchoredat the main building, and two other points on the front part of the roof frame. Order ironhollow roof only a square measuring 4 cm x 5 cmRoof structure such as this raises the simple impressions on the building.
Flat Iron Black
The structure of the front roof have no buffer, so that the impression of drift. Instead ofa buffer, used two steel wire size is 12 mm. The wire is firmly to the main building.Polycarbonate material was chosen to close the iron frame of the hollow. So unique, the order was compiled with pattern grid.
Enjoy the following pictures and you like one of them: