Minimalist Home Staircase Design Ideas are frequently applied in modern homes today. Besides being used as a means of connecting, the stairs are used to beautify the room in your house. Modern staircase is usually made of metal or wood covered with cement so it will be safe and comfortable if you use.

Stairs are usually chosen for connecting the 2nd floor with 1st floor of your house so it really looks very elegant. The stair must be designed so it certainly will not harm the occupants of the house. Why the stairs use modern appliances because the stairs is the most widely used in today’s modern minimalist home. Stairs are usually located in the family room and made to fit on the periphery of the room so you can use the wall as a handle.






This staircase that is made of wood and coated with ceramic cement so that you can easily unify the walls of the room. The stairs are easy maintenance because you live mop if the ladder appears dirty. However, this staircase has shortcomings because it takes place in the room.

Modern stairs will certainly provide a unique impression on your dwelling place. In addition, this stairs can also be one of the factors beauty of the house. Although, the stairs-quality materials, but when viewed in terms of security, the stairs are less safe because the steps are small, and hanging shape.