What to do when your plant need more space to grow or you have a small space and the planters are too big? In this post you can find wonderful solutions of creative DIY planters for your room or garden. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a great and practical planter for your garden plants or flowers. There are many creative DIY ways to make amazing planter from old things instead of throwing them.

Creative DIY Planters : Wooden cannon

Like last paragraph in this post for wonderful creative DIY planters for your garden, we have special planter for your flowers. Create amazing wooden cannon like this on the photo down, with wooden plates and metal strips.


Suitcase flower planter

Old suitcase in your basement? Be creative and create amazing flower planter for your yard like this in the photo below.


Tea cup planter pots

When you will buy new tea cups, don’t forget to make something special with the old one. Make them wonderful pot for your favorite plants or flowers.


Rain boots planter

Create your old rain boots amazing flower planters. You just need to hang them or to find perfect place to set them and to watch how the flowers are blooming.



Barrel flower planter


Floppy disk flowers planter


Old tin cans 


Old tires flower pots

We will start this post about creative DIY planters, with this perfect idea. Old tires from your car in your yard? Now is the time to make a beautiful flower planter. You just need to paint them in you favorite color and to find perfect place in your garden.




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