With so many fabulous choices now available for your house staircase designs, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. If you are building a new, modern house you need to know all the options available. designarchitectureart.com has put together this guide to staircase series of models – 5 very different staircases each with the company’s unmistakable style.

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Circular Stair Design

It’s hard not to love a spiral staircase. Naturally inviting, the spiral stairs combine form and functionally in an ever-popular design triumph. A circular form runs around a central pole affixed to the ground, giving stability and classic design appeal. A spiral staircase is a logical option if you are pressed for space in an urban home, or perhaps to provide an alternative stairway in a country house.


Retractable Stairs Design


Outdoor Stairs Design

The Outdoor Staircase is designed for long life, made in metal suitable for use outdoors, and finished with special treatments to weather-proof the whole structure. Even the details are taken care of – the screws are stainless steel for optimum life and performance. An outdoor circular staircase can be a super convenient way to get to the upper level of your home without having to walk through the whole house to get there.


Modular Staircase Design

A superb design for adapting to a variety of locations, the modular staircase will simplify getting around your new home. It works efficiently to link areas of the house, whilst retaining lightness, due to the smart scale ramp construction. With an adjustable riser and tread, it will simplify the installation process. It won’t block the light and can be installed even in tight spaces.


Mini Staircase Design

Make the most of small spaces with the ingenious Mini staircase. It looks smart and retains style whilst focusing on advanced technology to solve space issues. In fact, the steps are each specially shaped to ensure comfort and stability for the user, but at the same time not taking up precious space. ‘Create space where there is none: this is the philosophy of scale mini’.


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