Grey colored bricks, stairs, metal railings and wall features defines Double Storey Elegant Apartment Design. This apartment design consists of 4 units, 2 units in every floor. Each unit is a complete house feature, 2 Bedrooms, Living room, Dining and Kitchen and a shared Bath. Entrance of each unit is separated by stairs leading to the second floor.

This apartment floor plan is compact in nature since bedroom sizes and other rooms are only 9.0 square meter each. Construction of this apartment can also be on several phases depending on the budget. On a very tight budget you can start on the first unit and you don’t have a problem since it is livable having all the features of a complete house.

If you have a lot having an area of 192.0 square meter, 16 meters in width at the front and 12 meters in depth,Double Storey Elegant Apartment Design is most applicable in this type of lot. Small families or Students are the typical occupants of this type of apartment due to its compact design. Feel free to use this floor plan as reference and as the first step in realizing your apartment or dream house.

Having an apartment for the purpose of generating additional income is a good choice. The advantage of this apartment design is that, it can be constructed phase by phase which can be divided in 4 phases. As you notice one are is already a functional house having 2 bedrooms, bath dining and kitchen and living room.

So depending on the budget you have, you can construct one phase and then continue again if you have additional. Philippines is abundant with apartment houses especially in the city or urban areas as families and employees look for cheap but functional house such as this design.




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