Sambor G2 (dwulokalowy) is a functional and economical option for two families who want to share the cost of purchasing the land and building a house. Two separate living spaces, designed in the interests of everyday comfort and maximum privacy, guarantee residents the highest wearing comfort. The major advantage of the project also include: a modern character and very good thermal parameters. Usable each apartment: 111, 49 m² Description: Single-family dwulokalowy, with attic, basement, with two garages jednostanowiskowymi Purpose: two identical suites, each for 3-4-person family Technology and design: Foundations: benches, concrete blocks 24 cm, 15 cm polystyrene insulation Walls: brick, two-layer, sand-lime brick 24 cm, 20 cm insulation Ceiling: międzypiętrowy gęstożebrowy Teriva Roof: wooden structure, mineral wool insulation 30 cm, tile flat or another with similar characteristics Other stairs Internal wooden Solutions Installation: Heating: gas boiler, heat distribution radiators Ventilation: Gravity Finish: Elevations: thin-layer mineral plaster and wood veneer joinery: wooden, PVC or aluminum Roof windows: VELUX technological solutions Available versions: – Sambor G1 – the same functional layout, a different finish facade townhouse is possible to: – the basement of the building – the implementation of the twin buildings – the implementation of building technology backbone supervision of architect design advantages: – Traditional solid with modern decor – Interior divided into day and night on the ground floor on attic – Three large bedrooms and practical wardrobe in the attic – large glass from the garden – roofing above the entrance to the building as a shelter from the wind and snow – Garage thermally separated from the heated parts of the building












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