Those home owners are lucky who have inner or outer courtyard adjoined with them. Apartments never give this immense pleasure to spend few moments under the stars or to start your day with the sunny notes of morning sun, but those with sunny side homes with courtyard. So if you have an inner or outer courtyard adjoined to your home space doesn’t let it be a waste. Adore it, pamper it and make full good use of it to get intimate with the nature. It is time to get intimate with nature, the surroundings, time to get loved by moon, count stars, welcome your morning with warm sunny hugs and entertain your winter afternoons. No need to go anywhere else to get this pleasure of life. Just a courtyard at your door steps (in modern or old style) is enough to satisfy your love for nature. Simple sun shade/ garden umbrella or a canopy with four chair and one center table is the key to such preparation and get the desired look and design for your courtyard dream to come true.


For a modern seat out area in a courtyard or garden place accommodate a modern styling sofa set, benches, individual chairs, bean bags etc. with a center table anything of your choice, comfort, budget and preferences and escort it well with patio canopy or a garden umbrella blended well with aesthetic beautiful exterior lighting and floor treatment.


Must have heard the phrase “old is gold” so is the old furniture and decor styling. Blend the pleasure of nature with old era’s vintage seating, table, canopy etc. for the real and original traditional look and feel.


Apart from furniture setting do not forget to plan a good landscape which can get connected to your courtyard theme and design. Let the colors of your imagination flow out with amazing design, decor, and work, styling and balanced creativity all around. Make a grand impression with perfect blend of furniture setting, exterior light effects and landscaping.


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