A two-bedroom home may not have the dimensions of a mansion, but it can offer plenty of room for a couple, or even a small but growing family.


Each bedroom in this layout has its own private bath, which can definitely cut back on the conflict that comes with living in a smaller space.


A new family with just one child has the luxury of keeping one bedroom small, as this layout shows, which leaves more room for common areas.


The bedrooms in this layout are especially spacious, and include a guest bedroom off the living room.


This two bedroom apartment is more like a two and a half bedroom with a small spot in the corner for a pair of bunk beds. The perfect solution for weekend parents or grandparents with the occasional small visitor.


The next few options from SSG are different layouts using the same items. Take a look at all the things you can do with just two bedrooms and a few pieces of furniture.


A two bedroom apartment can even be elegant as demonstrated in this design, with plenty of open floor space and two private terraces.


This apartment has one small balcony and a large outdoor space leading up to the front door, which acts as a buffer for any neighbors that might be tempted to peek in.



The space has one en suite bath and a guest bath next to the other room, which again gives credence to the idea of a master bedroom.

Just to prove that two bedrooms does not have to mean any sacrifice, take a look at this spacious two bedroom home. With a master bedroom and a large shared space for siblings, plus a huge kitchen and a large back patio, this is plenty of home for a family of three with room to grow.


Apartment living doesn’t have to mean giving up the idea of an open floor plan. This apartment has private bedrooms but the kitchen, living room, and dining areas are all allowed to flow together for a very modern feel.


The perfect design for a pair of roommates, this two bedroom pares things down to the essentials with a tiny kitchen, small seating area and intimate dining room.


Not all two bedrooms have to give equal treatment to both of the rooms. Here, the preferable room is clearly the one with private access to the balcony space, while the other room that sits next to the laundry is not exactly ideal.


Whether you’re three college students wanting to share an apartment or a pair of parents with twins, this two bedroom setup is perfectly sized.


On an upper level of an apartment building, you want to be sure to include plenty of windows. Here, both bedrooms have natural light coming in, though the back corner room is decidedly smaller.


This arrangement keeps sound transfer between the two bedrooms at a minimum by giving the shared walls over to each room’s respective closet.


The bedroom in this layout are separated by a bath, which makes for an ideal situation for private when it’s necessary. The common areas allow for togetherness, as well.



The next few options from SSG are different layouts using the same items. Take a look at all the things you can do with just two bedrooms and a few pieces of furniture.




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