A good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to be healthy, productive, and happy. And of course, a good night’s sleep starts in the bedroom. The best bedroom should feel like home, from its colors and textures to its bed frame, it should not be a place that makes you feel anxious or excited. The bedrooms in this post are not just beautiful, they are relaxing and each is luxurious in its own way: the perfect place to lay your head and dream sweet, designer dreams. The color of paint influence enough on the large or narrow impression is displayed by the narrow  bedroom. For giving larger impression, try to make it same as the sills color with the wall bedroom color. For giving the larger impression, because the contrast color between the wall and sills will give the more full and narrow impression. For the small bedroom, using the neutral color and avoid to use two contrast or light colors.

Bed arranging
The bed is made moor to the wall, so we can replace the desk in across the bed. Remaining the room between both of them for the bedroom window. If you do not use the bed but just using the bed cover, using the sponge bed cover or spring bed in order to it is easily to be cleaned and can be folded. After getting the bed position, the next step is you can locate the furniture or another which are smaller size according to your ability in the bedroom.

Using the cupboard with width around 40 cm because it can minimize the place, using the cupboard for saving the clothes or another. It does not matter about the cupboard size, the important thing is able to do the functions well.

Dress up desk
The dress up desk appearance in the bedroom is very important. Basically if the bedroom is stayed by a girl. The dress up desk is not always big. the important is able to dress self up enough. Locate the dress up desk close to the clothes cupboard. The setting between the dress up desk and clothes cupboard aims to make it easily your activity in the morning.



The first room, designed by Juraj Talcik, is an amazing space that appears to be nestled in the clouds. With sweeping views of the surrounding forests and smooth, lovely natural wood floors and pretty potted plants. The unique headboard is particularly notable as well, springing up and out from the bed frame to create a kind of partial, modern canopy.



The use of a few carefully chosen patterns, from the duvet to the cute wire desk chair, actually have a calming effect. The creative lighting is also a soft and warm, perfect for getting ready for bed.


This bedroom, from Image Box Studio, uses an ultramodern palette with black and white taking center stage. The neutral scheme is offset by a pop of yellow in the upholstered armchair in the corner. Why not curl up with a good book before turning in for the night?


A bold canopy bed may be right for some, but a comfy spot on the floor is enough for others. This simple, quirky bedroom includes a low platform bed and lovely turquoise accent wall. There is something warm, welcoming, and snugly about the girly decor, too.








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