Notorious for its use in high end kitchen worktops, Corian has been adapted for luxurious cool bathrooms as well thanks to its durability and its ability to be professionally thermo-form into absolutely any shape imaginable by the human mind and it can be used in absolutely any space. Corian is probably the most extraordinary material used in luxurious high end designs all over the world. A luxurious bathroom design can be realized purely from Corian, others combine solid surfaces with other materials to obtain proper contrasts or elegant different tones, natural stone may emphasize the impeccable aspect of the Corian. Corian has enhanced Modern compositions and bold uses of colors from Missoni; from bathtubs inspired by floral and natural textures Corian emphasized a multitude of luxurious bathroom interior designs all over the world, from delicate to complex.

About Corian

Corian is the original surface material, it has been created to last a lifetime and.It`s composite, a unique blend of acrylic and minerals which materialized a stone-hard surface that can be shaped into absolutely any shape or dimension . Corian is a highly advanced composite realized with natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer.

Corian inspired dozens of different brands to create similar composites. The most successful one being Meganite on today`s market.  These successful high end composites are replacing dozens of materials in the most elegant and luxurious designs in the world today, no matter if it`s a cool bathroom bathtub or an extraordinary elegant modern kitchen.


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