These floating bed designs are rather special, they evoke a feeling of superiority, they seem to flow above the floor emphasizing the feel of space allowing air to pass through the room easier. In contemporary interior design and architecture, modern homes and interiors are being designed as simple and as clean as possible featuring well defined lines in an open space. In certain spaces the floating bed design presents a certain appeal, a shattering vibe that places it above everything else, seen from the ground level it looks monumental and through materials and textures you can surely match any design line. The aesthetics values presented by the futuristic minimalist look are unparalleled in elegance and style always offering that holiday-like experience.

Floating bed designs have a unique and exciting aura that surrounds them. Since most modern homes and interiors are designed around the principle of ‘clean and well defined lines’, they make for an appealing choice.

Aesthetically pleasing, space-conscious and offering even the smaller rooms an airy and open look, floating bed models tend to bring in an unparalleled sense of sophistication and style. While these beautiful hanging bed designs offer a more relaxed and holiday-like experience, floating beds bring in a more futuristic look.

If the theme of your bedroom is sleek minimalism or even contemporary urban look, then floating beds fit in seamlessly. But they can work pretty well in more traditional and playful settings as well. The collection showcased here will hopefully inspire you to add a floating bed to your own master bedroom as well.

The Air up There!

The idea of floating in the air is something that has always fascinated people since long. Modern designers have taken advantage of this allure by coming up with some stunning decor and furnishing designs that look like they are levitating with no support whatsoever. While hanging beds offer a more casual look, floating beds bring a sense of innovation and refined class. Their refined form and unassuming simplicity ensure that they always steal the show in your gorgeous bedroom.

Offering a Panoramic View

Contemporary residences and villas are all about offering a perfect view of the world outside. Most modern home owners and architects are spending a whole lot of effort and dough on getting the best possible view. Floating beds bring the additional advantage of being able to give those within a 360-degree view as they can be pretty much placed anywhere in the room. While traditional bed designs are often relegated to one of the walls or corner, you can position your exquisite floating bed right in the middle of your stunning bedroom surrounded by floor-to ceiling glass windows.Exquisite-floating-bed-with-interesting-form






Floating beds are nestling in sleek minimalist contemporary designs, especially urban looks seamlessly but the can be easily introduced in any traditional or playful setup as well. The collection showcased bellow is meant to inspire you into adding a such a bed to you own master bedroom as well, they can easily enhance small bedroom designs.







Higher Up on a Floating Bed

You can guess that the idea started from the concept of floating, flying, levitating, a dream that has been on peoples` minds for a long while now. Contemporary designers have enhanced this allure by generating a stunning decor in which the bed has the main role, floating above other furnishings.  Hanging beds are an excellent option as well with a more casual look but the floating bed sure exudes innovation, elegance and class above it. Unassuming simplicity and a refined form can be bold statements for your magnificent bedroom, present them through a floating bed design!

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Providing a Panoramic View

In today`s architecture the residences tend to connect with the exterior world more then ever, they are offering expansive views towards the outside world whether it`s a grim city sky silhouette or the most extraordinary or an infinite ocean. Modern home owners and architects are spending their efforts into obtaining the best snapshots possible in their site. Floating beds are emphasizing this chain of thought by being able to provide a 360 degree view as they can reside in the center of the room. Regular beds designs are often chained to a wall or corner sadly. Imagine a glass home surrounded by green lush vegetation in the center of which a stunning bed will float allowing you to enjoy any image.

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