Fan of black and white? We have put together a collection of rooms that show off how a monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme for your home. To keep a room feeling big and bright, allow light to bounce around the walls by choosing a stark white paint, and introduce black accents via furniture and accessories.

The black and white color has an excellent ability to be combined with all other colors. That in itself is pleasing and moderate, and possesses outstanding feature to create contrast when combined with another color. Where are present black and white color, is enough to bring a few items, for example, a piece of furniture, fabric or decorative object, with more vivid colors. This will create accents in the space and contrast that breaks the monotonicity of black and white. black and white will give extremely elegant note to the total score. If you want to make neutral and calm atmosphere in your home, black and white color are perfect solution.

For black and white colors can always be written, it is required in any living space. Without it you can not decorate your home. Its dominance is also cold and warm, elegant and graceful. Whether as a single piece of furniture, white color dominates in every room, and thereby reinforces its dominance. White color in combination with the black seems cold.

14-Black-and-white-living-dining-room-665x443 1


To add a little more punch, try adding wall panels in black, or brown-black materials, a wall mounted entertainment unit is a great option as it will also blend a dark flat screen TV in with the design.




Fire place is placed inside to heat during the winter time.




Beautiful wall stickers make more fantastic and comfortable chairs are to feel comfort.



Open space bedroom with beautiful cloth cabinet and drawer table.



If you later decide that you would like to lift your interior with a little color, you have the perfect basis on which to do it, because quite literally anything goes with a scheme like this. Try pops of aqua blue for a cool contemporary look, or warm the room up with rich red elements.



Floors look equally great in light glossy tones and rich dark notes when furniture is kept light, but avoid matching too many dark elements together as you may find the overall look a little oppressive.



A black arc lamp creates a stunning shape against white walls and furniture.



With a simple color palette you can go bold with pattern and eye catching design.






A romantic and calm place for couples.


15-Black-and-white-living-room-665x442 2



Open kitchen with dinning table and well-designed chairs.

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